Heavy Networking 491: Real-Life Segment Routing & PCE

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Segment routing is a mechanism for sending packets over a specific path through the network. There are several ways to do segment routing and multiple elements that go into the technology.
On today’s Heavy Networking podcast we explore segment routing as it’s used in a production network; specifically, ESnet, an international network that moves science data all over the world, including data from the Large Hadron Collider in Europe to scientists in the United States.
Our guest is Nick Buraglio, a network engineer at ESnet and a regular guest on Packet Pushers.
We discuss:

* The flavor of segment routing that ESnet went with and why (SR-MPLS vs. SRv6)
* The problems ESnet was trying to solve
* Whether segment routing reduces complexity
* The role of IS-IS in the network
* Path Computation Element (PCE) and how forwarding decisions are made
* More

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