Heavy Networking 493: Taming Service Provider Complexity In 5G Networks (Sponsored)

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With 5G, we have a new set of challenges for service provider networks. As the network becomes increasingly dynamic and distributed to deliver an ever-evolving set of services, providers have to contend with increased complexity.
To explain this complexity and what can be done to wrangle it, sponsor Juniper Networks has sent Amit Bhardwaj, Director of Product Management, to the palatial Packet Pushers virtual studio.
We discuss:

* The potential business opportunities of 5G for service providers
* 5G use cases such as IoT, automotive, smart cities, gaming, and others
* Network slicing vs. L3 VPNs
* The need to secure devices and the network at scale
* Why automation is critical to deliver new services and capabilities
* Contrail HealthBot
* More

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