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Heavy Networking 494: Hybrid Cloud Networking – All The Details

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Welcome to Heavy Networking. Joining us is William Collins, lead cloud architect for a large healthcare company, who raised his hand when we asked for folks who wanted to be a guest on the show to volunteer. William volunteered, and we’re going to discuss hybrid cloud networking.
Specifically, we’re going to drill into routing complexity. No one operating public cloud networks had “making the network engineer’s life easier” at the top of their list when they came up with things like ExpressRoute and VPCs.
William will share his practical and hard-earned experiences connecting applications and services from on premises into the public cloud.
We discuss:

* A working definition of hybrid cloud
* Developing a hybrid cloud strategy
* The importance of design and governance
* Cloud connectivity pros and cons for VPNs, DirectConnect, ExpressRoute, and Carrier Neutral Facilities (CNFs)
* Routing topology scenarios
* Why your networking knowledge is relevant–and crucial–when it comes to the cloud
* More

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