Heavy Networking 667: Broadcom’s NetOps Delivers End-User Visibility Into SD-WAN (Sponsored)

In today’s Heavy Networking show with sponsor Broadcom we go deep into network management and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). At its heart, DEM is about understanding the user experience of the network. While traditional campus and data center networks may be well-instrumented, more users work remotely and access cloud-based services over WAN networks that IT doesn’t manage. Meanwhile, more branch and remote offices are using SD-WAN, which often relies on public WAN connections that don’t guarantee performance. Network monitoring products that incorporate user experience, such as Broadcom’s DX NetOps, can provide visibility into network and application performance to help inform troubleshooting efforts and speed resolution. Our guest is Jeremy Rossbach, Chief Technical Evangelist at Broadcom Software. We discuss: * How a distributed workforce drives the need for DEM * How DEM enhances traditional network monitoring * How Broadcom’s DX NetOps works * IT visibility challenges for remote workers and SD-WAN * The need to validate SD-WAN paths before, during, and after deployment * Getting deeper views of WAN underlays * More Show Links: Experience-Driven NetOps – Broadcom Network Observability Blogs – Broadcom @JeremyRossbach – Jeremy Rossbach on Twitter Jeremy Rossbach on LinkedIn

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