Heavy Networking 668: Inside A Virtualization Consultant’s Home Lab

On Heavy Networking today, the third (and final, at least for a while) episode talking to folks about their home labs. We’re covering Maarten Van Driessen’s home lab. He’s more in the virtualization space, working with the VMware suite of products including NSX, as well as infrastructure-as-code products like Hashicorp’s Terraform and Packer as well as Ansible. These use cases create a different hardware demand than you’d have running virtualized network operating system images. Maarten’s going to explain all about it, including where he spent his money and where he discovered how to save some money. Sponsor: Palo Alto Networks Join Palo Alto Networks for a virtual event to learn what’s next in SASE, with the latest innovations in Prisma SASE, ZTNA 2.0 and SD-WAN. See how these new capabilities help your customers consolidate multiple point products into a single platform to reduce TCO. Sign up at https://start.paloaltonetworks.com/sase-signature-moment-2023.html. Sponsor: InterOptic Fortune 500 companies choose InterOptic optical transceivers to minimize the risk of network failures and maximize IT savings. InterOptic’s transceivers are 100% guaranteed compatible with Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Arista and others, and available at a fraction of the cost. Work with the optics experts at InterOptic! Go to interoptic.com/packet-pushers/ to find out more. Show Links: Brisk-IT.net – Maarten Van Driessen’s Blog Maarten Van Driessen on LinkedIn @mvandriessen – Maarten Van Driessen on Twitter Github.com/lamw/homelab – William Lam’s collection of home labs on GitHub

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