Heavy Networking 674: IPv6 Essentials For Network Engineers – Think Abundance, Not Scarcity

Today on Heavy Networking we’re talking IPv6. IPv6 adoption continues to ramp up globally. For instance, Google says the percentage of users accessing Google services via v6 is now at 41% worldwide, and public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure are rolling out IPv6 support across their services. What’s more, IPv6 support is now mandated on all new US federal systems, and at least 80% of IP-enabled assets on federal networks have to be IPv6-only by 2025. On today’s show we’ll get into IPv6 essentials that network engineers should understand, how to incorporate IPv6 support in upcoming projects, how IPv6 affects things like NAT and subnetting, what the heck Happy Eyeballs and nibble boundaries are, and why you should approach IPv6 with a mindset of abundance not scarcity. Our guests are Ed Horley and Scott Hogg from Hexabuild, an IPv6 consultancy and training firm. Ed and Scott are also co-hosts, along with Tom Coffeen, of the IPv6 Buzz podcast on the Packet Pushers network. If v6 is on your radar, there’s more than one hundred episodes of IPv6 deep dives for your edification and listening enjoyment. Show Links: @ScottHogg – Scott Hogg on Twitter @ehorley – Ed Horley on Twitter HowFunky.com – Ed Horley’s blog IPv6 Security – Cisco Press Practical IPv6 For Windows Administrators – Springer AWS services that support IPv6 – AWS Completing the Transition to Internet Protocol Version 6 (1Pv6) – US White House (PDF) IPvfoo – GitHub Number of network devices – Twitter thread on IPv6 adoption IPv6 Buzz 123: Why You Need An IPv6 Security Plan – IPv6 Buzz

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