Heavy Networking 677: US Networking User Association – Meetups For Network Engineers

You ever want a group of fellow networking nerds to hang with once in a while? You know, in meatspace, and not just in a Slack group? Maybe over a beer? Well, the US Networking User Association might be exactly what you’re looking for. With local networking user groups popping up in various places all over the US and soon other countries, the USNUA is fostering community and knowledge sharing for networkers everywhere by helping NUGs launch. I’m such a believer in what the USNUA is doing, that I’m working with them to get a networking user group started in New Hampshire, where I hail from. Joining me are Jason Gintert and Chris Kane, two of the folks behind the USNUA organization. We’ll discuss what the USNUA is, and explain how you, too, can work with them to get a NUG started in your area. Sponsor: Paessler You probably don’t think about infrastructure monitoring often, but it’s one of your most important decisions as an IT professional. Get your monitoring hosted in the cloud with Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor, now with 50% off monthly subscriptions for new customers for the first three months. Go to Prtg.com and use the promo code “packetpushers.” Show Links: US Networking User Assocation @us_nua – USNAU on Twitter @bitsinflight – Jason Gintert on Twitter @ccie14430 – Chris Kane on Twitter UK Networking User Group

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