Here, Hear


av Here, Hear | Publicerades 9/17/2020

Corey covers more ground than fits in a synopsis: a decade plus spent touring, working while writing, how rap is boundless, and the shortcomings of life in punk rock—from financial instability to its promise of inclusivity—and how to build a better version of it when all of this is over. Also discussed: writing for Adam’s prompt, and 16 gets two steps closer to the end in the midst of recording this episode. Thank you to all our backers for making this show and the new music it follows possible. Join for early access and additional content at New episodes will continue to release every other week (roughly) for the duration of the project. Subscribe and rate on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, or wherever else you get your podcasts.

Om Podcasten

La Dispute presents Here, Hear: The Podcast. Exploring past, present, and future creative processes, as individuals and as a band, through sounds, words, pictures, thoughts, experiments, and interactions. This project will be a peak behind the curtain as the band develops the next installment in the ongoing Here, Hear series.