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This Song Will Self-Destruct

av Here, Hear | Publicerades 7/23/2020

What  we learn by engaging philosophically and emotionally with media, art’s  role as a Rorschach test, lyric games, stoner metal, Yoko Ono. Adam  covers considerable and truly fascinating ground in the process of  explaining our second song prompt—64 words(?) falling apart en route to  our 16th Here, Hear entry. Listen and discuss.

Adam's games work is available for download at and currently on Kickstarter at Crystal Healing, The referenced collection of La Dispute story games is at and is currently pay-what-you-want. Jay Dragon's 101 Games for Survival is available at

Correction: 101 Games for Survival is a collaborative project by Jay Dragon and Maria Mison, I'm not sure which one wrote the text read aloud on the show and credited to Jay.

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