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merlot my dear

av As Told by Zozo | Publicerades 1/29/2021

In tonight's guided visualization, you find yourself on a weekend getaway, small-town groceries, a cabin, and a fireplace, all with the one who came to mind. For the best experience, listen with headphones, and an open heart. Music by Kelsey Kuan - Idk (Acoustic Version) - by Ben Camden - Clouds (acoustic version) - by Ari Chi - Hot Honey -

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True joy comes from your connection with your self. In this weekly podcast Zozo Shumba, a researcher, spiritual anthropologist, and people passionist, carries you lovingly deep into your soul to empower you to live authentically. Join her as she guides visualizations, meditations, and has heart-opening discussions, that bring you closer still, to all that you are and all that is.