153. Everything You Need to Know During Sick Season with Pediatrician @resilientrascals

We are releasing this episode because we know that in addition to us, so many other people need it too. Today’s guest is Dr. Anjuli Gans, a board-certified pediatrician and educator who runs the platform Resilient Rascals, and in this episode, we’re diving into all things kid sickness. Dr. Anjuli reveals how we as parents can deal with our kids being sick, and what she shares is not only honest, but her tips and advice on this topic is both realistic and practical. We are in this with you, as we’ve certainly been in situations where our kids have been sick and have experienced the impact it has on everyone in the family. We learned so much from Dr. Anjuli today, and we’re so excited for you to learn and use this information as well! As always, we want to hear your feedback and the biggest takeaways from what you heard in this episode, so please  share your thoughts on Instagram and tag us, @resilientrascals and @herselfpodcast. MEET Dr. Anjuli: https://www.instagram.com/resilientrascals/ Sponsor: 45-Day Free Trial of HOMER:  https://glnk.io/04kp/ameskiefer Sponsor: 20% off first order at THIRDLOVE: http://thirdlove.com/herselfLinks & Resources:Dr. Anjuli’s Website &  Instagram Her Resource, Your Baby’s Health HandbookEnroll in the HERself Self-Care CourseLet’s connect!HERSELF SHOP: https://herself-podcast-favorites.myshopify.com HERSELF PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/herselfpodcast HERSELF INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/herselfpodcast MEET AMY: http://instagram.com/ameskiefer MEET ABBY: http://instagram.com/abbyrosegreen

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