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3. A Resilient Spirit and an Ancient Spirit

This episode deals with sensitive topics. A woman shares her journey in winning her battle with alcohol and substance abuse. Grateful that she is still here, she confesses details of the pivotal moment that led her to 3 years of sobriety. Following this conversation, we meet a girl who tells the story of how she invited an ancient spirit to follow her after experimenting with an ouija board at age 13. She continues to share more revelations involving her connection with the paranormal world, unveiling stories about her dad’s ability to see the ghosts and spirits that her family attracts.  Watch the video version here: Thoraya's Instagram: Thoraya's Twitter:

Om Podcasten

Hi, I’m Thoraya. You may know me from YouTube or social media where I interact with and share stories of strangers. 95% of my daily interactions begin with an introduction, so if you don’t know me, bear with me while I piece together yet another one. I spend my life meeting strangers and engaging them in intimate conversations with me, and sometimes even with one another. In this new podcast, I share these strangers with you, an audience of other strangers, in hopes that one day we won’t feel so “strange” to one another anymore. So, nice to meet you. I’m Thoraya and welcome to “Hey, Stranger!"