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9. A Man Who Asks Me To Dance

A man who dances in public like no one is watching shares stories of his spontaneous life choices and his most beautiful memory. By the end of the episode, he convinces Thoraya to dance with him as well. Watch the video version of this episode on Thoraya's YouTube channel linked here: Thoraya's Instagram: Thoraya's Twitter:

Om Podcasten

Hi, I’m Thoraya. You may know me from YouTube or social media where I interact with and share stories of strangers. 95% of my daily interactions begin with an introduction, so if you don’t know me, bear with me while I piece together yet another one. I spend my life meeting strangers and engaging them in intimate conversations with me, and sometimes even with one another. In this new podcast, I share these strangers with you, an audience of other strangers, in hopes that one day we won’t feel so “strange” to one another anymore. So, nice to meet you. I’m Thoraya and welcome to “Hey, Stranger!"