Brain Awareness

In this episode Heather and Dave talk to Luigi Scamberella about the brain, and how it works (or doesn't work) to help us through our lives. This week is Brain Awareness week, so it is a good time to be reminded of what the grey matter is up to. How it does it's best to protect us from perceived harm, and some of the "tricks" it uses to help us survive.  Luigi kindly made a meditational audio track which you can find on the podcast list as "Mental Cleanse" Have a listen and take the time to be good to your mind for a moment or two. Think of it as a big of a cognitive holiday, and let's be honest we all need one of those.

Om Podcasten

In this podcast Hoarding Stuff, decluttering and organisational expert Heather Matuozzo (director of Clouds End CIC) talks with Dave Woods about clutter, resilience and decision making in life. The aim of these podcasts will be to investigate and probe the challenges and even joys that someone who is classed as a "hoarder" goes through. With knowledge based on the combination of a professional and a service user, the hope is to come to a more balanced understanding of the conditions involved.