Chatting with Paul

In this podcast Heather and Dave have a conversation with Paul. Paul is one of the members of the hoarding help group in Birmingham and gives some insights into the emotional issues faced by people who acquire. There are four categories discussed. We wonder if before hearing the podcast if you can guess what they are. We also hope that the podcast gives you a little bit more information about how emotions can have an impact on the challenges people face. Thank you to Paul for being frank and open with his thoughts. We have been fortunate to have people discussing their lives in this way. Please subscribe to the podcast and share it. Thank you for listening.

Om Podcasten

In this podcast Hoarding Stuff, decluttering and organisational expert Heather Matuozzo (director of Clouds End CIC) talks with Dave Woods about clutter, resilience and decision making in life. The aim of these podcasts will be to investigate and probe the challenges and even joys that someone who is classed as a "hoarder" goes through. With knowledge based on the combination of a professional and a service user, the hope is to come to a more balanced understanding of the conditions involved.