Hollywood, The Sequel

“If we have to resort to shame..." with Gloria Calderon Kellett

av Hollywood, The Sequel | Publicerades 7/21/2020

For Hollywood executives trying to fix the industry’s diversity problem, producer and actor Gloria Calderon Kellett has a simple piece of advice: just do it--even if it means you have to work through your own discomfort. The showrunner of “One Day at a Time” points to her own writers’ room and cast as proof that it’s not a “favor” to hire a diverse team--it makes everybody’s storytelling richer and more honest.  Hollywood, The Sequel sponsors include: Stream We Are Freestyle Love Supreme beginning July 17, only on Hulu

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Hollywood has been brought to its metaphorical knees by the pandemic. Production has stopped. Easy funding has dried up. Audiences are holed up and anxious. International alliances (China) may be broken. And no one knows when any of it will change. Hollywood, The Sequel is a limited-run podcast series in which leading journalist John Horn asks some of the most important and influential people in film, television and entertainment at large (established stars and emerging taleånt) about how they hope Hollywood will change in this moment of severe disruption.