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Boundaries + Your Authentic Soul Expression / Janet Raftis

av homebody Podcast | Publicerades 3/5/2020

In this episode, Janet Raftis shares about personal healing work and how that has shown up in her relationships, business + finances. She also shares about her recovery journey with addition and healing from sexual trauma.

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I host spiritually + artfully minded conversations on embodiment, on approaching life as practice, artistic collaboration + experiment. We talk about healing, art + aesthetics, magic - the practices we can bring to hone our intuition and live life fully awake with our power intact. My hope is to encourage + enliven you, to cultivate awareness + freedom. We are here to develop wisdom + self trust and to be dynamic agents of Beauty. We are here to design + be more intentional with the creation of our life. We are here to make room for inquiry, sensitivity + joy.