ARE YOU AWAKE? This foundational question, is very much the premise of Dave’s steady work in the field of leadership development and personal growth.  IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE you’ll meet Dave Graff, the Chief Operating Officer of Shipley Communication and Shipley Coaching. He’s a 20+ year veteran, having served the industry as a Senior Consultant for Franklin Covey, Executive Coach for Shipley, as well as a 27-year military career as an Officer in the United States Air Force. Dave is an innovator and profound educator, and someone I’m grateful to call a friend. Of all his accomplishments, including a life by design training for Ironman’s from his home in Hawaii, Dave’s most impactful work is in the home. This year marks his 39th year being married to his sweetheart, with 7 children and their 14th grandchild on the way, his personal mission is becoming the best husband, father and grandfather he can be.   The focus of our conversation is MATURITY, more particularly, the level of awareness we might have around the choices we make and the way we  engage of deflect our leadership and growth responsibilities. The insight you’ll gain through his experience in the field of personal growth and emotional intelligence will no doubt leave you more reflective and open to introspect. If personal GROWTH continues to knock at your door, and you’re ready to move beyond self awareness to self management… Join us!   As mentioned during the show, here’s a link to the INSIGHT STRENGTH SORTER:   https://insight.sawtoothsoftware.com/52virtues/login.html

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