Tom Bilyeu stated that “Humans are designed to grow: Literally designed to do it. So, since you’re human, if you’re willing to focus and push yourself, you will grow. And that’s awesome. And you’re awesome simply by being human. You don’t need to have made a single right choice in your life up to this point. You have the raw material, now it’s just a matter of shaping it. Love yourself for that. Be aggressively stoked on yourself for that.”  IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I’ll share with you some quick thoughts on how each of us are DESIGNED FOR GROWTH. As a caution: don’t let ego and insecurity get in the way of your own personal growth.  On this journey to become our best self, let us find grace. BECOMING is a constant effort to BE the humans we are divinely appointed to BECOME. While on this path you’re certain to come across tremendous obstacles and tempting paths, away from the best version of you.  Join me in the conversation!

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