Two quotes; the first by Keith Cunningham which reads: “Growth is what you say “yes” to. Success is what you say “no” to,” and the second by Robin Sharma: “Every time you resist temptation and pursue optimization you invigorate in yourself heroism.”  What do they have in common? Personal ownership requires just that, so let’s start with JUST ONE DAY.  IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I’ll share with you some quick thoughts on owning your day and some tips on how to truly give yourself to the beginning stages of excellence by committing yourself to JUST ONE DAY.  There is a great avoidance found in multi-tasking. Be willing to be with your stuff. Slow down. Let go of the self imposed or chosen distractions in your life. Clear the window and then face the storm, recognizing that personal excellence in any area of your life will require some trade offs. Often times it is our present habits that are robbing us from a life of significance and impact.   If you are ready to commit yourself to better results, take a listen to this episode! 

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