Everything hinges on mindset. Every single action we take starts right there. One of the most powerful tools in our lives is that squishy matter between our ears governed by the choices we make each day. We also have this uncanny ability to program and train our brains to adopt fabricated or designed realities as a way to help us adapt to change or combat insecurities. As an example of this: Ego developed during times of abundance, if not curbed, will be the same ego that will shield our growth during times of scarcity. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I’ll share with you some quick thoughts on MOVEMENT, MINDSET, and MUSIC and how they play together. If your holding tight to old habits, past results and the need to be right...LET GO! This death grip is just that. You’ve stopped developing and your path forward will be riddled with roadblocks. Progress lies on the other side of this purgatory. Join me in the conversation!

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Welcome to the HONOR.THE.GIFT podcast, where each week Art McCracken brings you inspirational messages, impactful interviews, and remarkable insights to UNLOCK your best self. Art specializes in Transformational Leadership and High Performance Coaching. He's worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals along the way, helping them achieve greater outcomes in all aspects of their lives. When asked about his life's purpose, he simply replies, "My calling is people experience living true." If you are ready to get off the treadmill, drop the charade, and lean into growth— you're in the right place. Visit to learn more about Art and stay connected via Instagram