Bedros Keuilian advised: “Don’t ever make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. The pain of loss, fear, regret, shame, anger, hopelessness and rejection will pass...and when it’ll make the right decision for your life when you’re clear-headed. How quick are we to assume, react, and then act based on a biased judgement? How often do we take a path of comfort rather than one that challenges our ease? How ready are we to avoid the hard rather than embrace the right? IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I’ll share with you some quick thoughts on REACTIVE VALIDATION and how we as humans beings continue to let our fears manifest themselves in outburst after outburst in an effort to be validated by own scarcely founded reactivity  If your aim is noble and righteous, be faithful and humble enough to be guided in your life. For it’s on this road that you’ll be met with choices and inclinations. Trust the inclination to do good and expand your being.   There is a metamorphosis available for us all, but it is hidden in the practice of curbing our own agenda during times of fear and doubt. Faith proceeds the miracle. Faith proceeds to change you seek as you learn to let go of the belief that you have to have all of life’s answers right now. Remember that growth is always a choice. Join me in this journey we call life!    

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