Being Creative

Morning Mantra: “Everyone is born creative; it just gets suppressed by fear.”You don’t have to be a Mozart, a Dolly Parton, or a Picasso to create. Just create to be creative.Create to remind yourself that you are still alive and can imagine.  Make stuff to inspire others to make stuff.  Paint something to learn about colors. Mold something to feel the clay in your hands. Write the story you want to read.Being creative is less about the end product and more about the process, the time away from other thoughts, the willingness to be open to mistakes.Create to learn a little bit more about yourself.#BeCreative #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #inspirationalQuotes #MorningMotivation #Equestrian #HorseLover #QuotesToInspire #HorseHippieBrand #HorseHippieBoutiqueAdapted from Frederic Terral

Om Podcasten

Horse Hippie offers it's social media followers an inspirational quote each day. These are called our Morning Mantras. They are a great, positive way to start your day.Now, these Morning Mantras are being shared via our podcast. Listen each day to start it the best way!