Relax and Enjoy Life

Morning Mantra: “Relax and enjoy the journey. There is no need to rush through life.”I do not want to be known as a woman who is always rushing, always holding herself together and pushing through.I would like to be known as a peaceful woman, a compassionate woman, a curious, joyful, pleasure,-loving woman. A woman who works hard and rests deeply, who loves fiercely and lives gratefully. A woman who knows her worth, and her power, who accepts her imperfections and her vulnerabilities, and embraces her limitations and possibilities. A woman who laughs, and cries, and aches and loves, and is enchanted by the mess and the magic of her beautiful life. #BePeaceful #BeHappy #BeHorsey #BeHippie #HorseHippie #MorningMantra #inspirationalQuotes #MorningMotivation #Equestrian #HorseLover #QuotesToInspire #HorseHippieBrand #HorseHippieBoutique

Om Podcasten

Horse Hippie offers it's social media followers an inspirational quote each day. These are called our Morning Mantras. They are a great, positive way to start your day.Now, these Morning Mantras are being shared via our podcast. Listen each day to start it the best way!