Hospital Records Podcast

Hospital Podcast 388 with London Elektricity

av Hospital Records Podcast | Publicerades 4/23/2019

This week, London Elektricity takes us on a journey through Bop's recently crafted 'dub techno' universe, an extended podcast featuring solely on Bop's own music, be that music from his current 'Untitled Patterns' project and recent productions & remixes that fit the template! Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 68’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 55’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 54’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 60’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 51’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 48’Erised ‘Pray (Bop Remix)’Camo & Krooked ‘Come Together (Bop Remix)’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 61’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 65’Bop x Subwave ‘Take It Off’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 66’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 69’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 52’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 62’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 63’Bop x Subwave ‘City Lights’Bop ‘Spiral’ Bop ‘Song About My Dog’London Elektricity ‘Dropship (Bop Remix)’Bop ‘Untitled Pattern 56’Bop ‘Deep Inside’

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Hospital Records’ award-winning podcast, hosted by London Elektricity, with occasional guest takeovers from the Hospital and Med School roster. Bringing you the freshest music the drum & bass and jungle scene has to offer.