The Haunting of Sharon Rectory

Marty talks to Emma Louise Tully about her book 'The Haunting of Sharon Rectory' which is based on the author’s 22-year diary of her paranormal experiences since moving into the property in the 1990s. Emma shares intriguing insights into the eerie occurrences and the network of psychic supporters they have called on to help with their unconventional plight and explains why this close-knit family are not prepared to leave their beautiful home.Sharon Rectory is haunted by the lost souls of its former residents and they aren’t prepared to go quietly either. ‘The Blue Lady’, one such ghost, is thought to be the murder victim of the original owner, Sara Waller. A dark, malevolent spirit also occupies the rectory too. This powerful demonic presence plagues the family and wreaks havoc as its identity is gradually uncovered. Part historical/part modern-day true ghost story, the author writes of her family’s terror and their physical and mental torment as they try to maintain some semblance of normal family life at Sharon Rectory. Not for the faint of heart, this real and raw memoir of life among the paranormal will have you completely hooked from the very beginning.Useful LinksThe Haunting of Sharon RectorySupport the show (

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