Hot and Bothered

Announcing Hot and Bothered Season Three: On Eyre

av Hot and Bothered | Publicerades 3/22/2021

Fact 1: Vanessa Zoltan has been the host of this romance novel themed podcast for almost two years now. Fact 2: Vanessa Zoltan is a Jane Eyre evangelist. She’s literally written the book on Jane Eyre. Fact 3: Vanessa has somehow never talked about Jane Eyre on this podcast??? Finally, we’ve come to our senses and one of life’s biggest contradictions is getting sorted. Coming June 1st 2021, our newest season--- Hot and Bothered: On Eyre. Vanessa will be joined by the brilliant journalist Lauren Sandler, and together with experts they’ll read through Charlotte Bronte’s seminal work and explore the questions and themes that emerge. If you want to read along, we’ll be starting with Chapters 1-4. Grab your SPF and your library card. This summer, we’re On Eyre.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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You may remember BFFs Vanessa Zoltan & Julia Argy from their all-star advice giving in Hot and Bothered Season 1. In this mini-season they’re sheltering in place in different cities, but they’re getting on the phone once a week to read and talk about Twilight. On Twilight in Quarantine, they’ll work their way through the Twilight saga one chapter at a time, giving brilliant well-informed advice to its misguided characters along the way. Being isolated sucks, but at least we can do it together with sparkly vampires brightening our days.