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Eclipse in Quarantine: Snap Decision

av Hot and Bothered | Publicerades 2/10/2021

CW: discussion of suicidal ideation, graphic violence, and abuse We really only planned to skip one chapter in this book, but then Chapter 23 went and happened. Chapter 23 is a minefield of sexual and emotional abuse and we thought: 'You know what would be more fun than recording an episode on this nonsense? Not recording an episode on this nonsense.' So we moved on to Chapter 24. And don't worry, Chapter 24 still has plenty of problematic things to discuss! Topics include dismembering vampires and whether or not Bella actually stabs herself during the battle scene. We also announce some extra Breaking News in this episode: We've decided not to read Breaking Dawn chapter by chapter. Honestly we can't keep subjecting ourselves to these books. Instead, we're going to do one episode covering all of Breaking Dawn, and then launch a new romance novel related mini-series in June. (More on that to come!) Until then, we'll be watching Eclipse and both Breaking Dawn movies with our patrons on Patreon and discussing all our feels in some bonus episodes. It's a bittersweet announcement, we know, but we hope you'll stay with us as we move onto new and exciting romance projects!  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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You may remember BFFs Vanessa Zoltan & Julia Argy from their all-star advice giving in Hot and Bothered Season 1. In this mini-season they’re sheltering in place in different cities, but they’re getting on the phone once a week to read and talk about Twilight. On Twilight in Quarantine, they’ll work their way through the Twilight saga one chapter at a time, giving brilliant well-informed advice to its misguided characters along the way. Being isolated sucks, but at least we can do it together with sparkly vampires brightening our days.