Episode 3 - Interview with Jason Simpson

This episode we got a chance to sit down with Jason Simpson as well as the character Viren himself! Jason answers our questions about himself, the show and his voice acting career as well as indulging us, as Lord Viren himself, as we ask a variety of questions about the characters life, both in and outside of the show. Follow our the podcast Twitter account as well as our personal accounts for Kuno and Hailey! Also, subscribe to the Cartoon Universe's youtube and Twitter accounts! Music by Elias Frost. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hot-brown-morning-potion/support

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Whether you already love the hit Netflix animated show, The Dragon Prince or are just curious about what this show is all about, The Hot Brown Morning Potion Podcast has you covered. Hosted by Tamika "Kuno" Williams and Hailey from Cartoon Universe, we'll bring you the fun and the fandom in this podcast full of answering fan questions, interviews, theories and all kinds of discussions on everything Dragon Prince. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hot-brown-morning-potion/support