Electric Bookaloo: Catelyn V (Clash) + House of Usher

Jana Matthew's covers Brienne's vow to Catelyn and Joan of Arc parallels. In his conversation with Elysia, Anthony introduces his new theory about Lady Stoneheart. Theme song: Game of Thrones (80’s TV Theme) by Highway Superstar Hey there! Check out https://support.baldmove.com/ to find out how you can gain access to ALL of our premium content, as well as ad-free versions of the podcasts, for just $5 a month! Join the Club! Join the discussion:  book@baldmove.com | Discord | Reddit | Forums Leave Us A Review on Apple Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Jim and A.Ron review each week's episode of HBO's House of the Dragon and your feedback.