53. LLC Loopholes Landlords Need to Know

LLCs aren't the magic bullet most lawyers make them out to be. Whether you have all your eggs in the "LLC basket" or are investing without one, understanding that LLCs won't make you or break your asset protection plan is key. In this week's episode you'll learn:  The situations where LLCs won’t make a difference  How I realized that reliance on LLCs left real estate investors seriously exposed  The difference between internal and external threats to your real estate  What an LLC does help with during a lawsuitDISCLAIMER: Although Bonnie is an attorney she doesn’t give legal advice without a dually signed engagement agreement. All episodes of House of Horrors are educational and informational only. The information discussed here isn’t legal advice and isn’t intended to be. The information you listen to here isn’t a substitute for seeking legal advice from your own attorney © 2021-2022 Bonnie Galam LLC | All rights reserved | Any use of this intellectual property owned by Bonnie Galam LLC may not be used in connection with the sale or distribution of any content (free of paid, written or verbal), produce, and/or service by you without prior written consent from Bonnie Galam LLC

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