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Episode 50: Midnight Matchmaker with Kamini Ramachandran

For our 50th episode (!) we feature one of the world's finest oral storytellers, Kamini Ramachandran. Note: There is some background humming noise from a ceiling fan during the story, which was recorded in Singapore, where it's very hot... don't worry, you'll tune it out.Kamini is a pioneer in the global storytelling movement. She is the creative producer of Storyfest Singapore, founding director of The Storytelling Centre Ltd and a veteran performer who has graced stages from Edinburgh to Sydney. I first saw her perform in Edinburgh many years ago and was fortunate enough to be invited to her festival in Singapore last year.In this interview, we discussed Kamini’s recent projects as well as her experience growing up in the plantations of Malaysia. Kamini's links:www.moonshadowstories.comhttps://storytellingcentrelimited.comSocial media:@kaministorytellerPhoto credit: Moonshadow StoriesSupport House of Legends on Patreon at: my books, Scottish Myths & Legends and The Bone Flute, at Amazon UK: Amazon US: Amazon Canada: the House of Legends Clan at: us on FB: by Kate Young

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