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36: A town called DISH - Household Name

Avsnittet publicerades: 6/12/2019

When a small town in Texas changed its name to DISH, the satellite TV company gave its residents free TV for a decade. What DISH Network didn’t know was that the name change was a way for one local politician to get revenge on another. PLUS: we take to the phones and answer your questions on our Customer Service line. Sign up for our newsletter: https://bit.ly/2FIXysC

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These are the surprising stories behind our biggest, household name brands. Host Dan Bobkoff finds tales of tragedy, love, strange histories, unintended consequences, and accidental success. And in each episode, we find out how these brands changed our lives – for better or worse. You can binge listen to the first 6 episodes, now on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/householdname and use promo code 'HOUSEHOLD'.