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How He Does It

Episode 4: Phineas Ellis

av How He Does It | Publicerades 12/24/2019

Phineas Ellis, one of the men behind the scenes of the How He Does It Podcast has one of those stories that leaves you feeling motivated and inspired. While today, being in the first phases as co-founder of Stereotype Studio, a podcast production company helping new careers actualize, he has succeeded in many other business endeavors, granting him sight to see his areas of strengths and aligned motivation needed to excel. 

Om Podcasten

The "How He Does It" podcast establishes a relationship with its listeners by holding uninhibited interviews with various voices of male culture - from fashion, to lifestyle, the arts and more. Hosted by BOND OFFICIAL founder, and Art Director, Igee Okafor and Marcus Richardson, all episodes will give listeners an inside look into the psyche of today's thought leaders highlighting all of what it takes to be on the up and up.