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Jeremy Green and Leaky Paywall

av How I Built It | Publicerades 9/18/2018

Jeremy Green is a developer and founder of Zeen 101. They created an interesting product called Leaky Paywall, which is a plugin that allows you to put content behind – you guessed it – a paywall. Jeremy also has some really interesting insight on how people consume information. And, of-course, we get into some development details.
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Intro: Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 94 of How I Built It. In this episode I talk to Jeremy Green about his paywall plugin Leaky Paywall. I thought it was an interesting project, and he happened to reach out to me around the same time that I heard him on another podcast, which I also thought was very interesting. I really enjoyed talking to him. We get pretty deep into developer stuff, local development, using GitHub and some of the workflows around GitHub and things like that. He also provides some interesting insights on how people consume information and the reasoning behind why you would put some stuff behind a paywall.
I also wanted to tell you about the new shop over at We’ve got T-shirts and mugs, and I’m very excited to bring those things to market. We have all sorts of colors and we have both men’s and women’s cuts in the T-shirt options. Head over to to see everything we have to offer there. Today’s episode is brought to you by Pantheon, and a new sponsor, Techmeme’s Ride Home podcast. You’ll hear about both of them later. For now, on with the show.
Joe Casabona: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of How I Built It, the podcast that asks, “How did you build that?” Today my guest is Jeremy Green of Zeen101. Jeremy, how are you today?
Jeremy Green: I’m doing great.
Joe: Awesome. Thanks so much for being here. Jeremy, serendipitously you reached out to me on the same day that I listened to an episode of the Post Status Draft podcast where I heard about you and your product, Leaky Paywall. It was a little bit of repetition I saw there, so I’m very excited to have you on the show. Why don’t we jump right into it? Jeremy, why don’t you tell the audience who you are and what you do?
Jeremy: Sure. My name’s Jeremy Green. I’m in Fort Collins, Colorado and I’ve been building websites for clients for about the past eight years. About four years ago me and a couple other guys decided to start a little side project company called Zeen101, building plugins and tools for publishers. Right now we build websites and then also work on our products on the s...

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