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Jessica Hall is the VP of product strategy and design at 3Pillar Global, and today we are going to talk about something that made a bunch of news a couple of months ago – the Accenture/Hertz case, where Hertz paid a bunch of money (like $32M) and got nothing. With some time since the story broke, we sit back and look at how this happened, and Jessica tells you how it can be avoided.

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Jessica Hall: Technical debt is not bad. It’s like any other debt. We are going to take it on at some point, and as long as it’s not too much, then we’re OK.
Joe Casabona: That was Jessica Hall telling us that technical debt is OK and that if you do any web project or any programming or technical projects for some amount of time, you’re going to have technical debt. Jessica Hall is the vice president of product strategy and design at 3Pillar Global, and we are going to talk about something that made a bunch of news a couple of months ago. That’s the Accenture/Hertz case. If you don’t remember the Accenture/Hertz case, Hertz hired a firm called Accenture to redo their website and mobile app. They spent a bunch of money, $32 million dollars, and claim they had nothing to show for it. Jessica is going to go through the four pitfalls that this project went through and how to avoid them. With some time behind us since the story broke, we’re going to sit back and look at exactly how it happened, and like I said, Jessica is going to show us how it can be avoided. There’s a lot of really great actionable advice and information in this episode, and the show notes are plentiful. You can find those over at Let’s get into this interview without further ado, right after a word from our sponsors.
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