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Patrick Campbell and ProfitWell

av How I Built It | Publicerades 6/4/2019

Patrick Campbell was curious about how people price products, and how pricing affects conversion – so he built ProfitWell. We discussed pricing, estimating time, tech stack, and so much more. His insights into how to price are fantastic.

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* Patrick Campbell | Twitter
* ProfitWell | ProfitWell Report
* Django
* Atticus

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Intro: Hey, everybody. Welcome to episode 126 of How I Built It. Today my guest is ProfitWell co-founder and CEO Patrick Campbell. ProfitWell, formerly Price Intelligently, has worked with all sorts of companies, including big commerce WPEngine and MasterClass, and they focus on doing things figuring out the best pricing for subscriptions. As a matter of fact, Patrick talks about how he became obsessed with subscription growth. He wanted to figure it out and share that information with people, so we talk about how he built ProfitWell, and we also talked about what he’s learned as far as pricing goes. I enjoyed this interview because it’s something that I always wrestle with, I’m sure a lot of you out there also wrestle with it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this conversation with Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell after a word from our sponsors.
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