Using Escape Rooms for Team Building with Greg Koberger

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Avsnittet publicerades: 10/22/2019


Greg Koberger is easily one of the most interesting guys I talked to this year. Not only do we talk about team building with escape rooms – a super cool concept, by the way – but we touch on mental health, the startup culture, venture capital, and lots more. Greg is a pretty open book here and it makes for an amazing interview. It’s chocked full of great advice, so enjoy!

Show Notes

* Greg Koberger
* ReadMe
* Swagger (Open API Spec)
* Escape Room Finder
* Ron Swanson loves puzzles
* Allie Nimmons and Freelancing / Mental Health
* Startup Escape (Greg’s Escape Room)

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Greg Koberger (Singing): That’s great, it starts with a hyperlink. HTML, scripts, and stylesheets. Tim Berners-Lee is not afraid. Dial-up, so slow. Had to teach yourself to code. Style your Myspace to impress The 8 friends that were your best. Guest books, web rings, 800 pixel screens. Blink tags and marquees. Learned how to code on Geocities. O’Reilly books, web safe colors. Works best in IE6, under construction. Browser wars, Firefox. If you’re stuck, you can just Ask Jeeves. FTP the PHP, validate with W3C–
Joe Casabona: That was a cover song from today’s guest, Greg Koberger, and no we’re not talking about making music, cover songs, REM, early 90s music– We’re not talking about any of that, but this is a testament to just how interesting Greg is. It comes through on this week’s episode. Not only do we talk about team-building with escape rooms, a super cool concept by the way, but we also touch on mental health, the startup culture, venture capital, and lots more. He digs deep into how he started his escape room and why, but also how somebody like you and me could start an escape room with an escape room startup resource. There’s a niche for everything. But again, we also talk about the mental health aspect that we opened the season with earlier this year. Greg continues that, and what working for a big venture capitalist-backed startup can do to your mental health. So, Greg is a pretty open book here, and it makes for an amazing interview. We’ll get to all of that and more right after a word from our sponsors.
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