Alistair Brownlee - How Does The Greatest of all Time Train?

Alistair Brownlee is a 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist, 4 x World Champion, 4 x European Champion and Commonweath Games Gold Medalist. He is the most dominant Short Course Triathlete the world has ever seen. No one in the sport of triathlon has ever put in the level of performances Alistair Brownlee did at his peak. He’s also moved to long course and been a 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion and  multiple Ironman Champion. We talk about what training Alistair was doing leading into both of his Olympic Gold medal winning races, his training philosophies including the importance of aerobic training, high volume & consistency to success. And as always there’s the exact breakdown of what does a typical Monday -> Sunday training week look like for him. We go into some classic Alistair Brownlee stories, talk about the year ahead and how Alistair plans to win the Ironman World Championships. ** Sign up to PATREON to support the show (for only $2 AUD/$1 USD per week it is the only reason the show is still going. We bloody appreciate it!) - Use code 'HTT20' to get 20% off your Pillar Performance order To sign up for Hell of the West visit

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