35: Bridging the Conventional-Alternative Divide through Integrative Pediatrics | Dr. Joel Warsh, MD

Integrative pediatrician Dr. Joel  Warsh, MD, has seen firsthand how the narrow perspective and overly aggressive approach of many doctors can harm patients. That's why he's on a mission to bridge the conventional-alternative divide through integrative pediatrics. Following medical school, Dr. Warsh pursued additional training in functional medicine, homeopathy, and Ayurveda, among other holistic and integrative practices. He believed that in order to be the best integrative pediatrician possible, an integrative holistic approach would be essential as a complement to his conventional training. Join me in this episode as Dr Warsh and I discuss the rise of chronic illness in children, how he incorporates multiple treatment modalities into his practice, and the proper times to use conventional medicine within the context of a pediatric setting. What you'll learn from this episode:Why parents are increasingly frustrated with the current medical systemHow working with your pediatrician should be a partnershipThe reason autoimmune disease is on the rise, especially in childrenHow often medication is actually necessary vs. the vast majority of illnesses that get resolved without itThe reason he almost never prescribes antibiotics and uses them less than 1% of the timeWhy a fever isn’t usually a bad thing and what to do about it& So much more!Resources:Dr. Joel’s WebsiteDr. Joel’s InstagramRaising AmazingHow to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your DoctorPositive Parenting CourseVaccine Friendly PlanDr. Green MomJoin the WellnStrong mailing list for exclusive content here!Follow Jacqueline: Instagram Pinterest Youtube To access notes from the show & full transcripts, head over to WellnStrong's Podcast Page

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