31: How To Strengthen Your Immune System To Fight Viruses and Avoid Getting Sick | Dr. Paul Anderson, ND

The immune system: we hear about it all the time, especially this time of year as cold and flu season is in full swing.  When your immune system is working properly, you don’t even notice it. However, a compromised immune system can increase your risk for developing infections and subsequently getting sick. In today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Paul Anderson, ND, about a wide range of options for boosting your immune system — from improving sleep, exercising, using hot/cold therapy, to mitigating blood sugar spikes. We also delve into the dangers of fever suppression, problems with the flu vaccine, and other key factors that contribute to strong immune function. What you'll learn from this episode:How to add layers of protection to our immune health by improving quality of sleep, mitigating blood sugar spikes,  exercising, & reducing stressHot and cold therapy—how to use hydrotherapy to kick your body’s immune response up a notch, and how following heat with cold can help get more white blood cells in circulationWhy fever suppression could be harmfulHow fasting can rebuild your immune system& So much more! Resources:Dr. Paul Anderson, ND | Website | Instagram | Facbeook | YoutubeEffect of a Single Finnish Sauna Session on White Blood Cell Profile & Cortisol Levels in Athletes and Non-AthletesLet Fever Do Its JobShort-term fasting & immune functionIf you want to boost immunity, look at the gutIntermittent Fasting in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Critical Update of Available StudiesJoin the WellnStrong mailing list for exclusive content here!Follow Jacqueline: Instagram Pinterest Youtube To access notes from the show & full transcripts, head over to WellnStrong's Podcast Page

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