E9: Music Publishing Isn't Scary or Confusing w/ Songtrust President Molly Neuman

Music publishing has brought fear and confusion to many songwriters over the years. And Host Emily White understands why! There are horror stories of songwriters signing their publishing rights away for a nominal advance in the 20th century, only for their catalog to go on to make millions. But first, what *is* music publishing? And how do you collect on it? The good news is, music publishing is more simple than you might think, and the modern music industry offers ways to collect on that revenue while also retaining your rights. This episode explores all options for collecting on your music publishing revenue. Emily interviews Songtrust President Molly Neuman for a deeper dive into this topic, while also discussing Molly's incredible career. Happy listening! Questions? Reach out to @EmWizzle on Twitter. Book this podcast was based on: https://www.collectiveentinc.com/book2. 10% off w/ code PODCAST Email List to be directly contacted when S2 & the book's next edition drops: https://bit.ly/SustainableList CREDITS: Creator, Executive Producer, Producer, & Host: Emily White Engineer: Nathan Cain Music: Matthew Wang Sponsorship: info@c-ent.com Graphics: Neelu Mohaghegh  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sustainablemusiccareer/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sustainablemusiccareer/support

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