Ethics as a driver for humanitarian innovations

Anaïs Rességuier (Sciences Po Paris), gives a talk for the Ethics as a driver for humanitarian innovations panel. This panel engages with several topics related to ethics and principles for humanitarian innovation. ‘Ethics as a driver for humanitarian innovations’ This presentation considers the ethical aspirations of humanitarian endeavours as ‘the primary desire to help’, arguing that under this model ethics becomes a fundamental source for humanitarian innovation rather than only a way to regulate it.

Om Podcasten

The Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015, #HIP2015, was hosted by the Humanitarian Innovation Project, in partnership with the World Humanitarian Summit, in Oxford on 17 and 18 July 2015. The theme of the conference was ‘facilitating innovation’. As interest and dialogue around humanitarian innovation continues to expand, conference participants were invited to explore the challenges of creating an enabling environment for humanitarian innovation. In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit 2016, a key focus of the conference explored how we enable innovation by and for affected communities. What does it mean to take a human-centred approach seriously, and to engage in co-creation with affected populations? It also sought to examine what facilitation means across the wider humanitarian ecosystem, and how we can better convene the collective talents of people within and across traditional and non-traditional humanitarian actors.