Jeff Walpole: Telecom Sales, Creating An Internal CRM System For The NFL, On How Tech Unites Us, & More

Computers first piqued Jeff’s interest when he volunteered to help with them at his first job in addition to his sales responsibilities. After that, Jeff decided he wanted to work in software so he moved to Washington DC for bigger opportunities.In 2001 Jeff founded his agency, Phase2, which has become a pillar of the Drupal community it was formed in. Since founding Phase2, Jeff has served two terms on the Drupal Associate Board and is a frequent volunteer and participant at global events.Jeff is also actively involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives—including training women in acquiring design, coding, JavaScript, project management, and UX skills to jumpstart or advance their career growth.He also advises peer agencies on how to create personalized digital experiences while protecting individual privacy and security in healthcare, financial services, and government spaces.Resources he recommends:Harvard Business ReviewPodcast: 2Bobs by David C. Backer and Blair EnnsThe Business of Expertise by David C. BakerThe Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair EnnsThe Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

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