Episode 19: A man who embodies what vanlife is all about- its all about enjoying the journey TODAY!

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 7/17/2019

EPISODE 19 folks! This is our buddy Matt. Him and his darling little dog Wilson have been living in their rolling home for 2+ years. Matt is the founder of, which is a phrase that he lives by and is encouraging other like minded humans to do the same. We had the pleasure of meeting Matt at the Grand Tetons @vanlifediaries gathering back in June and have continued to convoy, camp and connect since then. has an electric energy that is so positive, fun and up lifting. You can find him making coffee & his “Matt-mosa’s” in the mornings, connecting with the community through out his days, and dancing up a storm in the evening (or any time really🕺🏼) We have truly enjoyed our time living next to Matt and feel grateful to continue this wild journey together. Tune in to our podcast today, where you’ll get to know Matt on a deeper level, hear all about his experience with Enjoy The Journey Today, and the importance of this community. #EnjoyTheJourneyToday#GoodVibeTribe

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