Episode 20: Neal quits his corporate job and turns to vanlife for real meaning

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 7/19/2019

Episode 20 is with Neal the earthling. Neal shares with us the tenderness of finally being heard and seen in this community. Unfortunately, misunderstood and misinterpreted are two things Neal has been his whole life, yet he continues to exude nothing but love and wisdom. We can all learn the importance of getting to know people on a deeper level and not judging at first sight from him. Neal uses poetry to express his honestly and feelings and recently performed at the @vanlifediaries gathering in Colorado. Every time I have the opportunity to sit down with this earthling I learn something about life and myself.  We appreciate and value you deeply Neil. Thanks for allowing us to see you in your fullness and we are stoked to hear more of your poems!  Like and subscribe to this podcast if you are digging it

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