Episode 23: Steve shares about the challenges of relationships & living on the road

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 7/31/2019


Episode 23 with the legend @freetired is out 🎉


Steve has been living in his built out sprinter van for 3 years now and shares with us his journey of reconnecting with community and the impact it has had on his wellbeing. -

I am thankful for Steves willingness to share about the difficulties of starting relationships while living in the van and his ability to be express his honest experiences from the road.

- We get real serious about our desires, love, shame, independence, and all the tribulations that come with vanlife and relationships. -

If you want a real look into relationships and living on the road this is the episode for YOU. Plus, there is a special appearance from the king questioner @nathan_tomsic so you ain’t going to want to miss this magic 👑


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Nikky ❤️

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