Episode 27: From a house, to a yacht, to a near-death experience, to vanlife, this couple has been though it all.

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 9/19/2019

Episode 27 is with Taylor & Chris two warriors who have survived it all. Chris has a background in the Navy and the fire department and Taylor is studying as a Child development major hoping to work remote to continue to travel and teach kids english. . These two take us on their journey through living in a house for 3,000 in San Diego and being unhappy to moving into a yacht, and then a van. They spent over 11 months travelling around the USA enjoying time in Baja and finding the true meaning of love & community on the road. . Chris shares his near-death experience and teaches us all how powerful the mind is at overcoming trauma. Additionally, we discuss the topic of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and how this couple has navigated the world on being a minority. This episode is important and will move you deeply. Love & gratitude, Nikky

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