Episode 28: Biomedical engineer spent 2 years off-roading in Africa and now loves overlanding

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 9/25/2019

On this episode we explore the life of a man who lusts for adventure. He began his travels at the early age of 2 years old and has never stopped. The nomadic lifestyle is part of his blood. We are lucky enough to hear Anthony explore his current lifestyle of working full-time as a biomedical engineer and managing to escape every weekend. “work really hard during the week & play really hard during the weekend” is his motto and let me tell ya, he lives it up. Furthermore, we get deep and discuss the exclusivity of #vanlife and touch on how it has become sexualized. Anthony acknowledges that this way of living is a privilege that we are even lucky enough to dream of. Lastly, we discuss masculinity and how his father’s up-bringing has influenced the man he is today. This is just the beginning of what we talked about in this episode. It was such a honour to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with Anthony. Tune in and give us a rating

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