Episode 34: After heartbreak woman chooses Vanlife to find herself

av HUMANS OF VANLIFE | Publicerades 11/27/2019

Welcome to Episode 34- I am glad you are here :) After a breakup of 5 years Georgie decided to buy a van and set off on an adventure. While attending a @vanlifediaries gathering she experienced a life changing moment and decided she was on the right path. In this episode we explore what life was like for Georgie when she was living in an apartment in the city. Georgie shares her experience of feeling “like the walls were closing in on her” and how she felt disconnected from herself. This episode is a beautiful journey through heartbreak, fear and what life can be like when you push through these walls and find a way of being that resonates with your soul. Tune in today to hear Georgie's story! Love & gratitude, Nikky  Sound edit by Nathan Tomsic @nathan_tomsic

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